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Gorillaz - Humanz flac album

Gorillaz - Humanz flac album
  • Performer: Gorillaz
  • Title: Humanz
  • Genre: Pop Rock
  • Style: Alternative Pop/Rock,Alternative/Indie Rock,Left-Field Hip-Hop,Alternative Rap,Underground Rap
  • Date of release: April 28, 2017
  • MP3 size: 1173 mb
  • FLAC size 1936 mb
  • Duration: 01:08:59

About Humanz . HUMANZ is Gorillaz upcoming and long-awaited comeback to the music industry, after six years of non-activity. It is scheduled for an April 28 release. On January 19th (One day before Donald Trump’s inauguration), the first single off the album titled Hallelujah Money dropped, it was their only new music in six years, which they released following a cryptic social media campaign that took place towards the end of 2016. The Tracklist leaked on March 20th 2017. Jamie Hewlett explained in an interview with The Guardian the album title and cover: I see the z in Humanz as referring to robots, AI, programming, brainwashing, indoctrination.

Humanz is the fifth studio album by English virtual band Gorillaz. It was released on 28 April 2017 in the United Kingdom by Parlophone and in the United States by Warner Bros. Produced by the band, The Twilite Tone, and Remi Kabaka J. it was Gorillaz' first studio album in seven years, after The Fall (2010). It features collaborations with Vince Staples, Popcaan, . Grace Jones, Anthony Hamilton, De La Soul, Danny Brown, Kelela, Mavis Staples, Pusha T, and Benjamin Clementine.

He is, after all, currently promoting a Gorillaz album whose concept was based around conjuring up the dystopia that might ensue if Donald Trump became US president. Humanz demonstrates the pros and cons of Albarn’s musical restlessness. As usual, he displays exquisite taste in collaborators – everyone from fast-rising rapper DRAM to dancehall singer Popcaan to old-school Chicago house legend Jamie Principle – and an impressive ability to get the best out of them by throwing them into unlikely circumstances.

It’s a funny little anecdote, considering how closely the fifth studio album from Gorillaz resembles its predecessors in tone, style, and mood. The cartoon-band project of Albarn and Jamie Hewlett has evolved into a surprising little institution by relying on a sturdy formula: Return every few years with an album loaded up with au courant guests and a doomsday vibe that fits whatever disaster is currently dominating the headlines. Post-9/11 panic? Great Recession malaise? Trumpian discontent? Gorillaz have a song for that somewhere.

Humanz is less about the Gorillaz of the past than it is about the people of the future. It’s as if by placing 2D, Murdoc, Russel, and Noodle on the album art, Albarn and Hewlett are trying to preserve those characters on an album that feels free of them. Humanz deviates from the Gorillaz persona they worked so hard to build.

Summary: The animated band returns after a seven year absence with a studio album featuring guest appearances from Jehnny Beth, Danny Brown, Benjamin Clementine, . Del La Soul, Peven Everett, Anthony Hamilton, Grace Jones, Zebra Katz, Kelela, Popcaan, Jamie Principle, Pusha T, Mavis Staples,The animated band returns after a seven year absence with a studio album featuring guest appearances.

Humanz (2017) - download the album and listen online. On this page you can listen to the album, get information about the album, see the list of songs and much more. Listen online and stay in a good mood. Org Album: Humanz (2017).

Listen free to Gorillaz – Humanz (Intro: I Switched My Robot Off, Ascension and more). Humanz is the fifth studio album by British virtual band Gorillaz. The album was released on 28 April 2017. According to a press release, the album was recorded in London, Paris, New York, Chicago, and Jamaica and produced by Gorillaz, The Twilite Tone and Remi Kabaka. It is the band's first album since 2011's The Fall.

Track List - Disc 1

Title/Composer Performer Time
1 I Switched My Robot Off (Intro) Gorillaz 0:24
2 Ascension Gorillaz / Vince Staples Gorillaz 2:35
3 Strobelite Peven Everett / Gorillaz Gorillaz 4:32
4 Saturnz Barz Gorillaz / Popcaan Gorillaz 3:01
5 Momentz Gorillaz / De La Soul Gorillaz 3:16
6 The Non-Conformist Oath (Interlude) Gorillaz 0:21
7 Submission Danny Brown / Gorillaz / Kelela Mizanekristos Gorillaz 3:21
8 Charger Gorillaz / The Humanz Gorillaz 3:34
9 Elevator Going Up (Interlude) Gorillaz 0:04
10 Andromeda Gorillaz Gorillaz 3:17
11 Busted and Blue Gorillaz Gorillaz 4:37
12 Talk Radio (Interlude) Gorillaz 0:19
13 Carnival Gorillaz / Anthony Hamilton Gorillaz 2:15
14 Let Me Out Gorillaz / Pusha / Mavis Staples Gorillaz 2:55
15 Penthouse (Interlude) Gorillaz 0:11
16 Sex Murder Party Gorillaz / Zebra Katz / Jamie Principle Gorillaz 4:19
17 She's My Collar Gorillaz / Kali Uchis Gorillaz 3:29
18 The Elephant (Interlude) Gorillaz 0:11
19 Hallelujah Money Benjamin Clementine / Gorillaz Gorillaz 4:23
20 We Got the Power Jehnny Beth / Gorillaz Gorillaz 2:19

Track List - Disc 2

Title/Composer Performer Time
1 New World (Interlude) Gorillaz 1:22
2 The Apprentice Gorillaz / Zebra Katz / Rag 'n' Bone Man Gorillaz 3:54
3 Halfway to the Halfway House Peven Everett / Gorillaz Gorillaz 3:57
4 Out of Body Gorillaz / Zebra Katz / Kilo Kish / Imani Vonshà Gorillaz 3:44
5 Ticker Tape Gorillaz / Carly Simon / Kali Uchis Gorillaz 4:28
6 Circle of Friendz Gorillaz Gorillaz 2:11


Azekel - Vocals
Paul Bailey - Engineer
Jehnny Beth - Composer, Featured Artist
Danny Brown - Composer, Featured Artist
Benjamin Clementine - Composer, Featured Artist
John Davis - Mastering
De La Soul - Composer, Featured Artist
DRAM - Featured Artist
Sam Egglenton - Assistant, Engineer
Peven Everett - Composer, Featured Artist, Keyboards
Fraser T. Smith - Producer
Roses Gabor - Vocals
Noel Gallagher - Vocals
Gorillaz - Composer, Primary Artist, Producer
Anthony Hamilton - Composer, Featured Artist
J.C. Hewlett - Artwork, Design
Brandon Markell Holmes - Featured Artist, Vocals
The Humanz - Composer, Vocals
Jean Michel Jarre - Synthesizer
Grace Jones - Featured Artist
Kelela - Featured Artist, Vocals
Kilo Kish - Composer, Featured Artist
Ben Mendelsohn - Narrator
Kelela Mizanekristos - Composer
Popcaan - Composer, Featured Artist
Jamie Principle - Composer, Featured Artist
Pusha - Composer
Pusha T - Featured Artist
Rag 'n' Bone Man - Composer, Featured Artist
Ray BLK - Featured Artist
Cheick Tidiane Seck - Keyboards
Stephen Sedgwick - Engineer, Mixing
Carly Simon - Composer, Featured Artist
Mavis Staples - Composer, Featured Artist
Vince Staples - Composer, Featured Artist
Michael Law Thomas - Engineer
Kali Uchis - Composer, Featured Artist
Imani Vonshà - Composer, Featured Artist
Zebra Katz - Composer, Featured Artist
Comments: (8)
After seven years of worrying silence, Gorillaz return in the best way possible. In fact they didn't tried to hit the "hit road" again but to follow another one. And "Humanz" is the result: an album which doesn't contain any hit singles (like "Plastic Beach", "Demon Days" and "Gorillaz") but shines the same in its entirety. 2-D, Murdoc, Noodles and Russel have observed us in this long period of pause. They have observed our world and our society slipping into the black hole of destruction and ruin and so they have portrait this alarming scenario in their fifth studio album. "Humanz" is the announced Apocalypse. It's the scream of the Music World, which tries to warn us of ourself.It's the dystopian reflection on the modern contradictions.It's the 2017's "Satyricon".It's a missed masterpiece.It's a missed masterpiece because it doesn't have what the other albums have: Gorillaz. The virtual band seems to have been downgraded by Damon Albarn to a guest star in a work full of guest stars. So who is the main character? Maybe the music itself.In conclusion, "Humanz" is an unique effort in the animated group's discography, because it's mature, darker and important. "Ascension", "Strobelite", "Saturnz Barz", "Charger", "Andromeda", "Busted and Blue", "We Got the Power" and "The Apprentice" can convince even the most skeptical of this.
As a fan, I tried very hard to like it, but overall there is too little that grabs my attention . Charger with Grace Jones is pretty cool, Let Me Out is gorgeous, as is Ticker Tape on the "B-Sides" . A handful other good tracks and sorry, that's not enough for me .
No concessions can be given for this album, an almighty lacklustre proceeds from the very beginning, Shallow tones hammer away with directionless clamour.No coda swelling monuments or insightful melodic structure reign here.Where plastic beach left us with a vast and varying assortment of appearances, with no guise as to the brilliance of what was being made and what had been made before; Humanz is not just hollow its outright flat. The child like charm of lyrical phrasing and the syllable simplicity of say 'Melancholy Hill' or any number of previous Gorlliaz tracks (Dare, Glitter freeze etc.) turns into a series of muttering from Albarn leaving any other voice to sweep over as unexcited guff.The vocals that map out all over this are given nothing and leave us cold.Mark E Smith, Lou Reed, Dennis Hopper, Bobby Womack all had such solid parts to play on the previous 'Plastic Beach' and it is not because they had a larger presence than what appears on Humanz it is because Humanz vocabulary is so, so small.Groping for a grip onto the Grime genres of London he misses the point completely and makes an old mans shot in the dark.I could piece together 4 tracks off this album that stand out, the lone standing and brilliant 'Hallelujah Money' and 'Let Me out' included if they had pushed to create 6 more that really set into motion a depth full and insightful record it would have been worth the wait. Alas we see the beginning of a very sour end to what held a unique and brightly burning musical beckon for many to look forward to. Lets pray they can come back in true cartoon style to save the day.
Since having been introduced to Blur... I really took a shine to Albarn's creative output. He's written some of the smartest Brit Pop music in the latter half of the past century and continues to put out a gem or two periodically... Most of which I truly enjoy. Then, there is the Gorillaz. The simian incarnation of what Albarn feels is representative of his artistic license... Part Art. Part Social Statement. Part... Mish Mosh so much so, that I have a difficult time finding the cohesive thread. Nothing stands out on 'Humanz' for me, so I'll cut to the chase. My suggestion is to follow your instincts. If you like the guest roster of contributors, then... Well, maybe this speaks to you. Sample it via Amazon. Stream it via Hoopla or Spotify. Borrow it from your local library. And, if you wanna own it... Buy it used. This stuff will not hold up over time. I envision like 13 collectors around the world... All trying to hawk their holdings to anyone that would have them. Which, in this example will be the collector's buying each other’s stuff. ‘Humanz’ is just too busy for me... There ain't enough Dimenhydrinate in the world that will keep me from whirling 'n hurling before/during and after repeat listens. Word. [Grinning]… I still admire Damon.
Solid album, not their very best but improves with every listen. The deluxe version is the version to listen to, as all the bonus songs are better on average than the regular album. Best songs: Strobelite, Momentz, Submission, Andromeda, We Got The Power, The Apprentice, Ticker Tape, Interlude: New World, Out of Body
As a Gorillaz fan since the first album was released, I was highly anticipating this one. Plastic beach was a fun ride through what I had loved from the previous albums and much, much more, so it was only fitting that the next full studio album was to be incredible.Unfortunately as soon as I heard the first three tracks, I knew I had spent money in the wrong place. I listened to all the tracks intently and felt the need to skip in the middle of each when I realized there weren't any Gorillaz parts. This wasn't a Gorillaz album save for maybe 2 songs in total, the rest were all new trap artists and uninteresting under used rappers from times long past. My heart broke as I realized that out of all of the tracks on the album, only 1 stuck out to me. In my honest opinion, it seems that while Damon Albarn was reuniting with his old band and drinking smoothies while yoga posing, he just left his studio open and let the acts take over.All I have to say is "YIKES"
Really average. After 7 years I would expect more. Although 'She's my collar' caught my ear somehow. And the cover is really cool, reminds Bjork.
Good thing this is their last release and not their first, because I would have never purchased another Gorillaz record again. I barely made it through the first listening and I can't bring myself to commit the time to a second attempt. There are no hooks, no melodies, and no harmonies worth remembering. That's what I always loved about their previous works; there was always a haunting melody or an earworm-like hook that would take hold of me. Unfortunately, there is not a single "single" on this album. In my mind's eye, this album comes off more like a compilation of tracks that were piecemeal-ed together from collaborations that were left on the cutting room floor from previous albums.
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