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Pink Floyd - More flac album

Pink Floyd - More flac album
  • Performer: Pink Floyd
  • Title: More
  • Genre: Pop Rock
  • Style: Art Rock,British Psychedelia,Prog-Rock,Psychedelic/Garage,Soundtracks,Album Rock
  • Date of release: July 27, 1969
  • MP3 size: 1146 mb
  • FLAC size 1306 mb
  • Duration: 44:57

More (released in the United States as Original Motion Picture Soundtrack from the film More) is the first soundtrack album and third studio album by English rock band Pink Floyd. It was released on 13 June 1969 in the United Kingdom by EMI Columbia and on 9 August 1969 in the United States by Tower Records.

альбом Pink Floyd - More (1969) бесплатно, без рекламы, с быстрых серверов. Скачать дискографию Pink Floyd. Бесплатный архив зарубежной тяжёлой музыки Heavy Music Archive. On this page you can find complete version of Pink Floyd's - More album. More is avaliable for free download in MP3 format in bitrate 320 kbps. Also you can find whole (full) discography and other albums of Pink Floyd.

Pink Floyd - More Soundtrack (1969) – Pink Floyd - More Blues. Pink Floyd (Soundtrack from the Film More, 1969) – 6. Cymbaline. Pink Floyd More ( Soundtrack for the film ) 1969 – Quicksilver. Pink Floyd - 1969 - Soundtrack From The Film MORE – 12. A Spanish Piece. Pink Floyd – More Blues More OST, 1969. Pink Floyd – Dramatic Theme (Album Soundtrack from th. :05. Pink Floyd - Soundtrack From The Film More 1969 – S2 05. Pink Floyd – Crying Song Music from the Film More - 1969. Pink Floyd – The Nile Song (Album Soundtrack from th. :27. Pink Floyd More 1969 – Crying Song. Pink Floyd – Main Theme 1969-Music From The Film MORE.

Commissioned as a soundtrack to the seldom-seen French hippie movie of the same name, More was a Pink Floyd album in its own right, reaching the Top Ten in Britain. The group's atmospheric music was a natural for movies, but when assembled for record, these pieces were unavoidably a bit patchwork, ranging from folky ballads to fierce electronic instrumentals to incidental mood music.

Track List

Title/Composer Performer Time
1 Cirrus Minor Pink Floyd / Roger Waters Pink Floyd 5:18
2 Nile Song Pink Floyd / Roger Waters Pink Floyd 3:26
3 Crying Song Pink Floyd / Roger Waters Pink Floyd 3:33
4 Up the Khyber Pink Floyd / Roger Waters Pink Floyd 2:12
5 Green Is the Colour Pink Floyd / Roger Waters Pink Floyd 2:58
6 Cymbaline Pink Floyd / Roger Waters Pink Floyd 4:49
7 Party Sequence Pink Floyd / David Gilmour / Nick Mason / Roger Waters / Richard Wright Pink Floyd 1:08
8 Main Theme Pink Floyd / David Gilmour / Nick Mason / Roger Waters / Richard Wright Pink Floyd 5:26
9 Ibiza Bar Pink Floyd / David Gilmour / Nick Mason / Roger Waters / Richard Wright Pink Floyd 3:19
10 More Blues Pink Floyd / David Gilmour / Nick Mason / Roger Waters / Richard Wright Pink Floyd 2:12
11 Quicksilver Pink Floyd / David Gilmour / Nick Mason / Roger Waters / Richard Wright Pink Floyd 7:13
12 A Spanish Piece Pink Floyd / David Gilmour Pink Floyd 1:05
13 Dramatic Theme Pink Floyd / David Gilmour / Nick Mason / Roger Waters / Richard Wright Pink Floyd 2:18


David Gilmour - Composer, Guitar, Vocals
James Guthrie - Mastering
Nick Mason - Composer, Drums
Pink Floyd - Composer, Primary Artist, Producer
Joel Plante - Mastering
Roger Waters - Composer, Guitar (Bass), Vocals
Richard Wright - Composer, Keyboards
Comments: (8)
There is something about this album that makes for a really satisfying listening experience. Totally uncontrived and unpretentious - unlike their later albums. Some of Water's most beguiling and beautiful songs - Green is the Colour, Cirrus Minor, Crying Song, Cymbaline. Some of the instrumentals are a bit half-baked but it all works as a whole in creating an indelible pantheistic psychedelic atmosphere. Circus Minor especially comes across as a hymn to nature, "In a churchyard by a river, lazing in the haze of midday .. "
The band put out word that they were available to do sountrack work, and German filmmaker Barbet Schroder took them up on their offer, resulting in this album. The movie itself is a cautionary tale about the destructiveness of drugs, which seemingly makes Pink Floyd a natural fit to write music for it, given the stories about Syd Barrett.The music itself on this album, along with their previous album, sets the tone for their later work; stringing together a series of atmospheric vignettes that work to form a cohesive whole. On this album, the vignettes are more disjointed given the nature of the project, but some of the tunes here would remain in their live set for years, songs like "Cirrus Minor", "The Nile Song", "Green Is the Colour" and "Cymbaline".
Conceived as the soundtrack to a now forgotten French movie of the same name, detailing a couple's drug exploits in Ibiza, 'More' is a very difficult beast. The Floyd's first full record without original frontman Syd Barrett, 'More' is an important milestone in the band's history. Though musically it's a very mixed bag. While several tracks are fully fleshed out and enjoyable (the peacefully folk ballad 'Green is The Colour', Pyschedelic piece 'Cymbaline' and hard rocking proto heavy metal numbers 'The Nile Song' and 'Ibiza Bar'), many other songs are nearly background incidental tracks, Some barely hitting the one minute mark. There are many throwaways here. Avant garde noise track 'Quicksilver' overstays its welcome by 7 minutes And the incredibly cringeworthy flamenco parody 'A Spanish Piece', which features David Gilmour mumbling Stereotypical words in a thick Spanish accent is dreadful, but thankfully over in a minute. While not a bad record per say it's not an amazing record either. There are beautiful tracks here undoubtedly but the number of half baked instrumentals unfortunately drags this one down. 3/5
More is a fascinating listen for fans of the group, portraying their early gambits when it came to music, and while they'd sometimes fail (the group's highly questionable metamorphosis into a hard rock outfit) more often than not they'd prove successful (Waters' acoustic ballads and several of the more accomplished instrumentals). Ergo More isn't merely valuable as a historical artifact from the group's early stages of development, but is also a solid, well written album in its own right, an experience that can be enjoyed independent of its greater context within the group's discography.
The More soundtrack is where Roger Waters assumes control of Floyd's direction. A mix of breezy acoustic numbers and bracing rock cuts, More hints at more mainstream concerns, meanwhile maintaining the Floyd mystique. Waters had it in him to deliver on the concept, while Gilmour, Rick Wright, and Nick Mason were more than capable support for those visions. More may be dominated by Waters' thought process, but it's Floyd as a unit that allows that process to be accepted. Key tracks are The Nile Song, Green Is The Colour, and Cymbaline.
Though it was officially a soundtrack for a rarely seen Barbet Schroeder film, More is a hugely important transitional album for Pink Floyd. Here the post-Syd Barrett lineup moves away from freeform psychedelia and masters song structure, while keeping their experimental edge. There's a lost classic in Roger Waters' soaring, spooky "Cymbaline," while "The Nile Song" is one of their heaviest rockers. But More mostly features the band's lyrical side: "Green Is the Colour" has to be the only Floyd song featuring a pennywhistle
I will admit that this album doesn't jump out as being big and important like so much of Pink Floyd's other stuff does, and I suppose that's the reason that it gets relatively ignored. Is self-importance really the best way to measure an album's quality, though? I don't think so, and while this album is far from perfect, I enjoy it enough to happily give it a 3 stars. Every Pink Floyd fan should have this eventually ... even with "Nile Song."
As an early Pink Floyd fan this is their best work. If you don't agree then you prefer Money to Cirrus Minor!
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