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Asia - Asia flac album

Asia - Asia flac album
  • Performer: Asia
  • Title: Asia
  • Genre: Pop Rock
  • Style: Album Rock,Art Rock,Contemporary Pop/Rock,Prog-Rock,Arena Rock
  • Recording location: Townhouse Studio, London, England
  • Date of release: 1982
  • MP3 size: 1810 mb
  • FLAC size 1123 mb
  • Formats AAC TTA APE AC3 RA MPC
  • Duration: 44:23

Asia is the self-titled debut studio album by English rock band Asia, released in 1982. According to both Billboard and Cashbox, it was the album in the United States for the year 1982. It contains their biggest hit "Heat of the Moment", which reached in the US on the Billboard Hot 100 chart.

XXX (pronounced "triple x") is the twelfth studio album by British rock band Asia, released in 2012. It is the fifth and final studio album with the original line-up due to guitarist Steve Howe's departure the following year and vocalist/bassist John Wetton's death in 2017

XXX (pronounced either Triple X or Thirty) is the thirteenth studio album by English rock band Asia, released in 2012. It is the fifth and final studio album with the original line-up, consisting of Geoff Downes, Steve Howe, Carl Palmer, and John Wetton, due to Howe's departure the following year. The name features the Roman numeral 'XXX' in commemoration of the thirtieth anniversary of the release of their debut album. The cover artwork was created by Roger Dean

Asia’s debut album exploded onto the music scene in April 1982, featuring Billboard top 10 classics amongst six radio hits. It became the best-selling album in the World in 1982. Featuring Geoff Downes on keyboards, Steve Howe on guitar, Carl Palmer on drums and John Wetton on lead vocal and bass, Asia was the logical successor to their collective bands of the 70s – Yes, ELP, King Crimson, UK and The Buggles.

progressive rock classic rock rock 80s. Подписаться.

Progressive Rock Asia. Список групп Progressive Rock Asia Asia. Дата релиза Март 1982. Музыкальный стильProgressive Rock. Владельцы этого альбома100. 1. Heat of the Moment.

Продавец: Интернет-магазин Ozon. Адрес: Россия, Москва, Пресненская набережная, 10. ОГРН: 1027739244741

Track List

Title/Composer Performer Time
1 Heat of the Moment Geoffrey Downes / John Wetton Asia 3:54
2 Only Time Will Tell Geoffrey Downes / John Wetton Asia 4:48
3 Sole Survivor Geoffrey Downes / John Wetton Asia 4:51
4 One Step Closer Steve Howe / John Wetton Asia 4:18
5 Time Again Geoffrey Downes / Steve Howe / Carl Palmer / John Wetton Asia 4:48
6 Wildest Dreams Geoffrey Downes / John Wetton Asia 5:11
7 Without You Steve Howe / Jonathan Larson / John Wetton Asia 5:07
8 Cutting It Fine Geoffrey Downes / Steve Howe / John Wetton Asia 5:40
9 Here Comes the Feeling Steve Howe / John Wetton Asia 5:41


Asia - Primary Artist
Roger Dean - Cover Design, Design, Illustrations
Geoffrey Downes - Composer, Keyboards, Member of Attributed Artist, Vocals
Brian Griffin - Photography
Steve Howe - Composer, Guitar, Member of Attributed Artist, Vocals
Jonathan Larson - Composer
Carl Palmer - Composer, Drums, Member of Attributed Artist, Percussion
Mike Stone - Engineer, Producer
Mike "Clay" Stone - Engineer, Producer
John Wetton - Bass, Composer, Guitar (Bass), Keyboards, Member of Attributed Artist, Vocals
Comments: (9)
AN AMAZING ALBUM. The perfect blend of classic rock, 80s rock, pop and progressive. The 60s and 70s were filled with great Classic Rock. In the late 70s, songs got longer and more complex. Classic rock needed an update into the modern era... and along came the answer... the "Supergroup" ASIA's outstanding, groundbreaking, inspiring 1982 debut. This up-beat, fun, classic, "easy to listen to", singable, complex album fills your head with great melodies and biting lyrics... simply an awesome album. Few rock albums remain as relevant and potent today as this powerhouse of classic rock meets progressive rock with a splash of contemporary rock polish. Each of these highly talented musicians blends their sounds, rhythms, melodies and riffs together in a crisp, clean, powerful progressive song. The nine tracks on this album are each outstanding. These hall-of-fame musicians are each at the peak of their careers and work together flawlessly. John Wetton (King Crimson, Roxy Music, UK) on vocals is forceful, powerful and almost angry--as the sometimes bitter, always potent singer and lyricist. One of the greatest guitar players in history Steve Howe (the virtuoso who did Roundabout by Yes), mixes multiple guitars and styles with power and finesse. Drummer Carl Palmer (Emerson, Lake & Palmer) hammers the drums with a performance worthy of being compared to Neil Peart (Rush). Keyboardist Geoff Downes (Buggles, Yes) brings an up-beat, hip, and warm sound to the album that helped to define a decade of rock. Asia is totally underrated. This was the biggest selling and most compelling album of 1982. Asia and other 80s bands (e.g. Journey, Rush) don't get the real credit they deserve for modernizing classic rock and bringing it to the masses. 25 Years later, Asia "Asia" remains a masterpiece... and touring 30 years later.
Bought this album when I was a freshman in high school back in 1982 and just recently listened to it again all these years later. It's good stuff, not unlike what Yes would do the next year with 90125. Sleek rock radio with great playing (especially Palmer's drumming) and Wetton in the best voice before or since. Very well worth a listen as I near birthday number 50.
In the early 1980´s, progressive rock bands from the 1970´s, such as Genesis and Yes were heavily bashed by both critics and fans alike, due to what they called “the loss of progressiveness in their music”, favoring shorter, pop, commercial songs, instead of the longer, epic art rock masterpieces they used to create, in order to compete with a new breed of music that were en vogue those days –namely new wave, rap, NWOBM (New Wave of British Metal) and hair metal-. However, among those acts, there was a super group that showed that progressiveness is possible in shorter masterpieces: that group was Asia. The band included musicians from other prog rock bands: Carl Palmer (drums , percussion, Atomic Rooster, Emerson Lake and Palmer), Steve Howe (guitar-Yes), John Wetton (bass & vocals- King Crimson) and Geoffrey Downes (keyboards –Buggles/Yes). The disc include memorable classics such as Heat of The Moment, Only Time Will Tell, Sole Survivor, Wildest Dreams and Here Comes The Feeling, which was the least air played of all the songs I´ve previously mentioned. Every song on the disc is a winner and the band –Palmer, Howe, Wetton and Downes- prove that they can create pop songs with a certain degree of progressiveness, considering that all of them had been on progressive rock acts that had some great reputation for the music masterpieces they created. So, with the talent and experience they already had, there is no reason why the self-titled album cannot qualify as such. Overall, this is a top quality stuff, particularly for some music fans like me who have enjoyed it and then forgotten how great a band like Asia was- and still is- because they are still around and recording acceptable to good album. So, there you go: a perfect pop/rock album with slight touches of progressiveness. . If you love Yes, King Crimson, Emerson, Lake & Palmer or Buggles, grab this one.
From the Album Cover to the frequently cheesy lyrics, this album easy to listen tracks epitimizes early eighties rock. The stars on this team pull it all together in a truly wonderful debut album. I've owned this one since it's release over 30 years ago and still enjoy listening to it. Yes, it is dated, but it brings you back to the carefree early eighties with it's instantly recognizable tracks. Stick to this one for your Asia collection.
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Asia's first album is simple titled Asia and later they released lots of studio albums and even compilation and live album starting with "A". I was OK with them when I found them with "Aqua" but I think the first two albums are their highlight moments. John Wetton was singing - I know he had been in King Crimson before during the famous album "Red" and more. Asia has also progressive elements but it was much about choruses - this first album has chorus in every song. Also the song structure isn't often progressive, in some cases it is though, - Cutting It Fine changes and we also hear a couple of short moments in other songs. It is rock and it uses keyboards - a lot! In fact I hear keyboards more than guitars here.The songs are very good apart from "One Step Closer" which doesn't have anything special. The song is just average. I think overall the songs are very good but it had to name any song which I would consider as one of my favorite songs of all-time. Also the music isn't as inspiring as many other 80's rock bands. It is still nice to listen to. The songs sound very calculated. I think the early 80's was the time when most rock bands started to think what is the style people would love to hear and buy millions of records. Nothing wrong with that . it is OK to stand still when others are going elsewhere."Heat of the Moment" is definitely the most well-known song. After all the cartoon series South had the song sung by Eric Cartman in one of their episodes. My personal favorites are "Wildest Dreams" - incredible drum parts and upbeat rhythm - and "Without You" - the song has slow and also powerful moments. "Only Time Will Tell" is also a rock song which I enjoy a lot. "Time Again" is the only one which annoyed me back then and maybe that's why it is always fun to hear. The album would have needed more songs like this one.
This album it's an awesome balance between Prog music and easy listening 80s radio hits. Asia showed to the world that's possible to do such amazing well-crafted epic songs on a more comfortable way for anyone. Much people says that this was something unnecessary and even bad for music, but I think that's a sort of experimentation that was really elegant and interesting. Great and legendary masterpieces are found on this record.
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Rating: B+A "supergroup" comprised of former Yes guitarist Steve Howe, former Yes and Buggles' keyboardist Geoff Downes, former King Crimson (among other outlets) singer-bassist John Wetton, and former Emerson, Lake & Palmer drummer Carl Palmer, Asia's self-titled first album was a smashing commercial success that was much more AOR than prog-rock. Not that the playing isn't very good and flashy at times, because it is, but this is a song-based album whose first three tracks all received significant airplay at the time. "Heat Of The Moment" is the band's signature song and it still sounds great, and on a personal note it will always bring me back to my first real kiss because this song was playing in the background! Regardless, it's a damn good song, with strong riffs and vocals from Wetton (the band's primary songwriter along with Downes who also supplies backing vocals which are a band strength as well), a memorably singable pop chorus, and suitably dramatic power ballad-y verses. With famous keyboards a la Europe's "The Final Countdown" and airy harmonies, "Only Time Will Tell" is another winner, and "Soul Survivor is another easily singable, dramatic, and musician-ly tune. Aside from "Here Comes The Feeling," which was also released as a single but was less successful (though to my ears this catchy tune could've easily been another big hit), the rest of the songs aren't quite as memorable, but the majority of them are also good, even if the album on the whole suffers from a dated '80s sound (particularly Downes' keyboards which also have their moments and which help provide the album with its symphonic sense of grandeur) and a cheese factor that can be rather high. So call this overly slick album a "guilty pleasure" if you must, I won't deny that I enjoy listening to it even if it immediately puts me smack back in 1982, and I wish that the original group had stayed together longer, as this first album would be as good as it would get for Asia, both from a commercial and an artistic standpoint. Check out Howe's soaring guitar solos on "One Step Closer" and Palmer's booming drums on "Wildest Dreams," to mention but two standout performances. But they all shine at various times on most of these tracks, and though perhaps the album might be a bit off putting to those expecting something more prog-rock, a perception that's only reinforced by the colorful Roger Dean album cover, this direction wasn't all that different than what other progsters such as Genesis, King Crimson, and Yes (who the next year would have their biggest hit ever with the equally commercial 90125) were doing at the time. Bottom line is, though this album has its faults, for what it is, which is AOR pop rock with a dash of prog, it's quite good.
Formed around the same time as the group which would ultimately become a revived Yes a year later, Asia proved that English '70s progressive rock veterans still had plenty to offer the MTV generation. John Wetton's powerful voice sang of wryly embittered broken relationships, backed by the wonderful combination of Geoff Downes' crisp synths, Steve Howe's (tasteful) guitar heroics and Carl Palmer's thunderbolt-in-a-wind-tunnel drumming. True to the band name, each song also has oriental sounding flourishes. Perhaps as a nod to their respective pasts, Roger Dean's striking cover artwork was a very clear nod to the album rock era.Perhaps most impressively of all, an entire group with the pedigree of ten minute opuses behind them suddenly transformed into a catchy, concise hit-making unit, with 'Heat of The Moment' and 'Only Time Will Tell' making major headway into the American singles charts. But as one might expect, the album as a whole was a high quality product and proved to be a durable seller around the World.Asia's self-titled debut album remains by far their best, a nod to the past and the sound of what was then the present.
Second only to Journey's Escape as the must have AOR album.Its got fantastic songs, excellent musicianship, tight vocals and harmonies and superb players that all mix a recipe for a 5 star menu!Every track including Heat of the moment, Only time will tell, etc is solid gold and the whole album is sheer delight and bought a refreshing direction to the more established musical trends of the early 80's..The tone and blend of instruments, lyrics and harmonies really do combine well and the standard of delivery for a debut album is awesome!This was one of rocks 1982 mega Sellers, listen to it and you will know why.. and with this they were deFinitely ONE STEP CLOSER!
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