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Blut aus Nord - The Work Which Transforms God flac album

Blut aus Nord - The Work Which Transforms God flac album
  • Performer: Blut aus Nord
  • Title: The Work Which Transforms God
  • Genre: Pop Rock
  • Style: Black Metal,Heavy Metal
  • Date of release: May 18, 2004
  • MP3 size: 1188 mb
  • FLAC size 1339 mb
  • Duration: 51:29

The Howling Of God. 6:19. Superb release,fantastic cover artwork,and godflesh cover track as bonus.

Blut aus Nord's 2007 album Odinist: The Destruction of Reason by Illumination (the subtitle being a quote from Aleister Crowley), was leaked to the Internet on September 10, 2007. While the album's superficial sound is similar to that of MoRT, the album demonstrates a return to more traditional black metal songwriting and structure. Taysiah – session vocals on The Work Which Transforms God. Nahaim – session guitar on The Work Which Transforms God. Discography.

The Work Which Transforms God, Thematic Emanation. UMG (от лица компании "Candlelight Records")" и другие авторские общества (1). Композиция. The Choir Of The Dead. UMG (от лица компании "CANDLELIGHT (CDL)"); BMI - Broadcast Music In. Sony ATV Publishing" и другие авторские общества (1).

UMG (от лица компании "CANDLELIGHT (CDL)"); Sony ATV Publishing" и другие авторские общества (1). UMG (от лица компании "CANDLELIGHT (CDL)")" и другие авторские общества (1).

Released date 17 March 2003. Labels Candlelight Records Adipocere Records. Music StyleAvantgardiste Black. Members owning this album160. Re-Issue in 2005 by Candlelight Records with a second disc included ("Thematic Emanation of Archetypal Multiplicity" EP) and a new cover. Re-Issue in 2013 by Debemur Morti Production with a new cover and a bonustrack. DISC 1. 1. End. 01:50.

Blut aus Nord: Vindsval - vocals, guitars . Feld - drums, electronics, and keyboards GhÖst - bass guitar. Blut aus Nord, though by no means well-known, have gained attention in the underground black metal scene. Their debut, Ultima Thulée was already an exceptional piece of black metal. However, with The Work Which Transforms God, a concept album without any listed lyrics, Blut aus Nord take the black metal genre and completely warp it into their own sick, twisted little creation

The Work Which Transforms God is the fourth studio album by black metal band Blut Aus Nord. It was first released on March 17, 2003 through Please Me Records. Blut aus Nord is a black metal band from Mondeville, France. The band started in 1994 as a solo project, with Vindsval playing all instruments under the name Vlad. He released two demos under this title before changing the projects name to Blut Aus Nord before the release of Ultima Thulée in 1995. The next three albums were recorded with the aid of session musicians: It is only recently that the group has had any permanent members apart from Vindsval (who also played in The Eye, Children of Mäani and Yerûšelem).

While Blut Aus Nord had already begun prototyping a heavy, post-apocalyptic, wall-of-sound variety of black metal in 2001 with the Mystical Beast of Rebellion, they decided to go all out and fully realize this sound with 2003's The Work Which Transforms God. The monolithic soundscape is given far more depth and sinister, soul-draining compositions which give off a bleak, hellish atmosphere that serves best to terrify and depress the listener into submission. In many ways, The Work Which Transforms God is Blut aus Nord's defining album. A more recent BaN record, Saturnian Poetry, was incredibly organic-sounding, and only bears resemblance to this in some of the tones and guitar phrasings.

BLUT AUS NORD are creators of a hallucinogenic universe, erasing all preconceived ideas of Black Metal - and extreme music in general. Codex Obscura Nomina.

Blut aus Nord occupy a completely unique space in my mind.

Track List

Title/Composer Performer Time
1 End Blut aus Nord 1:52
2 The Choir of the Dead Blut aus Nord 6:40
3 Axis Blut aus Nord 3:36
4 The Fall Blut aus Nord 1:32
5 Metamorphosis Blut aus Nord 5:22
6 The Supreme Abstract Blut aus Nord 2:59
7 Our Blessed Frozen Cells Blut aus Nord 7:55
8 Devilish Essence Blut aus Nord 2:07
9 The Howling of God Blut aus Nord 6:18
10 Inner Metal Cage Blut aus Nord 2:55
11 Density Blut aus Nord 0:18
12 Procession of the Dead Clowns Blut aus Nord 9:55


Blut aus Nord - Primary Artist
Comments: (2)
If Blut Aus Nord isn't the most innovative black metal act post-2000's, they're certainly one of the most adventurous. They're a little like Ulver in that you really don't know what to expect from any given release. Sometimes they put out progressive, melodic, folk tinged black metal. Sometimes, they'll release an ultra-strange experimental industrial album. And then you get albums like The Work Which Transforms God, which sees Blut Aus Nord taking the dissonance of Canadian death metallers Gorguts and applying it to the black metal formula. Don't go into this expecting the classic style of black metal riffing you would get from Darkthrone, Mayhem, or Burzum. The guitar parts here slither like a snake coiling around it's prey and slowly injecting it's venom. It's genuinely sinister and eerie stuff. Blut Aus Nord also smartly let the music speak for itself, not beating the listener over the head with vocals, allowing a surprising amount of this album to be instrumental. Axis is the album's best song, as it succinctly summarizes what you're about to hear and gives the black metal purists a healthy dose of blast beats. If you're looking to get into Blut Aus Nord, this the ideal place to start. Favorite Tracks: 2. The Choir of the Dead 3. Axis 7. Our Blessed Frozen Cells 10. Inner Metal Cage 12. Procession of Dead Clowns
The famous association between “intellectual act” Blut Aus Nord with the “intellectual Avant-Garde” niche was given due to the band’s anomalous, but hardly innovative style. Since their fourth album The Work Which Transforms God, the band inserted some elements that gave them a devoted fanbase, though the results are hardly excellent.The Work Which Transforms God is essentially a C-tuned Black Metal album with constant microtonal shifting given by digital production. The rhythmic guitar is essentially almost totally a C-minor chord strummed over and over, while the lead guitar is almost totally a series of triton-based chords strummed or arpeggiated over and over. When the rhythms get slower, as on “Metamorphosis”, the Godflesh and Immolation influences comes much more clearly, though the unchanging and montone rhythmic section doesn’t distance itself that much from a generic act like Gorgoroth.To cap it all off, though lyrics aren’t printed, the vocal performance in the record, which consists of pseudo-Bathory/Attila Csihar impersonation and digitally-manufactured and generated howls and screeches, is horrible! This isn’t definitely the band’s best albums, and its experimentation seems at time forced, at time incomprehensible, and the repetitive songwriting (even regarding the rhythms) doesn’t make for a very engaging listening. For those who may consider it as a “trip to darkness”: try Silencer, Forgotten Tomb, Darkspace and Bethlehem, and give later a response of your experience.Highlights: “The Choir of the Dead”, “Procession of Dead Clowns”.
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